Fall 2001


In fall 2001, 2,787 students began the admissions process by sending an application to Montclair State University’s various graduate degree, certification, certificate and non-degree programs.  These students were not necessarily first time to the University, but they were first time to these programs. This number reflects complete and incomplete applications.  A somewhat smaller number, 2,289, completed the application process.  Those with completed applications make up the applicant base from which the numbers and percents in the accompanying tables were drawn.  Applications, acceptances and enrollments were up only for non-degree programs.


Forty-six percent of the applications were for degree-seeking programs; 42 percent applied as non-degree students; 10 percent as certification students; and 3 percent as certificate students.


The University accepted 81 percent of all applicants.  Of those accepted, 66 percent, or 1,216 students enrolled in classes this fall.


The average verbal and math Graduate Record Exam (GRE) test scores, for enrolled masters degree-seeking students, were 448 and 502, respectively.  The average score for the Miller Analogies Test was 39, for the GMAT exam, 513 and for the TOEFL, 543.


The average undergraduate GPA for enrolled degree-seeking graduate students was 3.17.


Seventy-six percent of first-time enrolled graduate students were female.  A racial/ethnic profile of this group shows that, for those with this information listed, 3.9 percent were Asian; 10.4 percent were African American; 7.5 were Latino/a; and 66.5 percent were White. An additional 3.0 percent were international (non-resident alien) students and 8.6 percent were missing this information.


Seventy-one percent of the first-time enrolled graduate students came from four counties: Bergen, 23.5 percent; Essex County, 24.2 percent; Passaic County, 12.7 percent and Morris County, 10.8 percent.   Slightly less than six percent reported out-of-state addresses.