In fall 2001, 6,904 students applied for admission to Montclair State University as first-time full-time freshmen, up from last yearís 6,644.Fifty-one percent, or 3,549 of these applicants, were accepted into the University.Confirmed students, or those who accepted MSUís offer of admission to the University, numbered 1,480 or 41.7 percent of those accepted.Thirty-nine percent, or 1,375 of those accepted, enrolled in classes.An additional 234 first-time part-time freshmen applied; 133 were accepted; 116 confirmed and 102 part-time freshmen enrolled.


Accepted students have slightly higher average Combined SAT (CSAT) scores and average class rank than enrolled first-time full-time freshmen.CSAT scores are 1,054 for accepted first-time full-time freshmen, regardless of admission type, and 1,022 for those who enrolled.The class ranks are 74 and 70, respectively.


Sixty percent of enrolled first-time, full-time freshmen are female.The racial/ethnic profile of these students is: 12.7 percent are African American; 7.1 percent Asian; 14.5 percent Hispanic; 0.1 percent Native American; 57.4 percent White; and 2.5 percent are international students.Another 5.7 percent have missing information for race/ethnicity.


Sixty-five percent of all first-time, full-time enrolled freshmen come from five counties: Essex, 19.1 percent; Bergen, 16.1 percent; 14.6 percent from Passaic County; another 11.1 percent are from Hudson County; and 6.1 percent are from Middlesex County.Three percent are from out-of-state.


In fall 2001, 2,494 first-time, full- and part-time transfer students applied to MSU.Sixty-four percent of those applying were accepted.Of the 1,602 who were accepted, 78.9 percent, or 1,264 confirmed their acceptance; and 68.0 percent, or 1, 097 of those accepted subsequently enrolled.††


Fifty-one percent transferred from New Jersey public community colleges.Sixty-four percent of the New Jersey community college students came from three community colleges in particular: Bergen Community College, County College of Morris and Essex County College.


All told, a total of 2,735 new students started MSU in fall 2001, 6.4 percent more than last fallís number of 2,571.First-time full-time freshmen made up 50.3 percent of all new students, followed by full-time transfer students, 34.9 percent; readmits, 5.3 percent; part-time transfer students, 4.9 percent; part-time freshmen, 3.7 percent; and all second BA students, 0.7 percent.