Spring 2006- Spring 2010

Course History Report

Office of Institutional Research

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NOTE: Department designations are based on the information currently housed in the SIS+ computer system. Semester designations (across the top of each page) are in a three-digit format where the first two digits are the year (e.g., 01 = 2001) and the (last) semester digit is 2,3 or 4 where, 2 = spring, 3 = summer, and 4 = fall. Therefore, 014 = fall 2001.

College of Education and Human Services

Center of Pedagogy
Counseling, Human Development, and Educational Leadership
Curriculum and Teaching
Early Childhood, Elementary, Literacy and Education
Educational Foundations
Exercise Science and Physical Education
Family and Child Studies
Health and Nutrition

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

African American Studies
Child Advocacy
Classics and General Humanities
Communication Sciences and Disorders
Jewish American Studies
Justice Studies
Latin American and Latino Studies
Leadership Development
Legal Studies
Modern Languages and Literature
Philosophy and Religion
Political Science
Spanish and Italian
Women's  & Gender Studies

College of Science and Mathematics

Aquatic and Coastal Sciences
Biology and Molecular Biology
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Computer Science
Earth and Environmental Studies
Mathematical Sciences
NJ School of Conservation
Science Informatics

School of Business

Accounting, Law, and Taxation
Economics and Finance
International Business
Management and Information Systems

College of the Arts

Art and Design
Communication Studies
Theatre and Dance


Cooperative Education
Honors Program
Institute for the Advancement of Philosophy for Children
Interdisciplinary General Education
International Studies
Latin American and Latino Studies
Women's & Gender Studies


University Totals

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