2017 College Senior Survey
                                                                                       CIRP Construct Reports
                               Table of Contents
1. CIRP Construct Mean Reports
How to Read the CIRP Construct Mean Reports H1
a. Habits of Mind 1A
b. Academic Disengagement 1B
c. Faculty Interaction: Mentorship 1C
d. Satisfaction with Coursework 1D
e. Overall Satisfaction 1E
f. Sense of Belonging 1F
g. Academic Self-Concept 1G
h. Social Self-Concept 1H
i. Pluralistic Orientation 1I
j. Positive Cross-Racial Interaction 1J
k. Negative Cross-Racial Interaction 1K
l. Social Agency 1L
m. Civic Awareness 1M
n. Leadership 1N
o. Civic Engagement 1O
p. Science Identity 1P
q. Science Self-Efficacy 1Q
2. CIRP Construct Percentage Reports
How to Read the CIRP Construct Percentage Reports H2
a. Habits of Mind 2A
b. Academic Disengagement 2B
c. Faculty Interaction: Mentorship 2C
d. Satisfaction with Coursework 2D
e. Overall Satisfaction 2E
f. Sense of Belonging 2F
g. Academic Self-Concept 2G
h. Social Self-Concept 2H
i. Pluralistic Orientation 2I
j. Positive Cross-Racial Interaction 2J
k. Negative Cross-Racial Interaction 2K
l. Social Agency 2L
m. Civic Awareness 2M
n. Leadership 2N
o. Civic Engagement 2O
p. Science Identity 2P
q. Science Self-Efficacy 2Q